• Rev. Trudy Daley

Life, Death and Backlash!

I am the giver of life in multiple ways. First, I breathe life into you when you are born. Second, I am with you throughout each day protecting and providing for you. Third, I give you abundance as you grow in relationship with Me through the Holy Spirit. Fourth, I offer you salvation, healing and wholeness to you through My Son, Jesus Christ. Fifth, when you choose to accept My Son as your Lord and Savior, I give you eternal life with Me in heaven. I also use you, your life and your faith to bring life to others as you witness of Me and My Son to them.

Death - Yes, your days are numbered so value each one of them. The exact age that you are does not determine how close or far away you are from death. Too many of My young people have fallen into despair and are taking their own lives. Pray against this. Death is viewed by many as a very negative thing, but it needs to be viewed in a more positive way. Yes, it is an end, but it is also a beginning for those who are Mine. It is the end, at times, of suffering and pain. At each end in parts of your life, there are new beginnings awaiting you even though they may be hard to imagine and even harder to accept. As Christians, you are not to fear death as in a blink of an eye you will be with Me, and there will be no more tears, sorrows, suffering, pain or regret.

A backlash greater than anyone can even imagine is on its way. All that the enemy had in store for much of the world will be turned on his followers and those who serve his purposes. His plans will not succeed. His belief about his power and abilities is grossly overestimated. It would appear with all the deaths that have taken place and will result from all the aspects of the pandemic that he succeeded, but he has not. I am about to take down powers and entities that were ready to take over the world, but instead, they will be taken down. I am turning around all that the enemy meant for evil to good. Get ready for some major surprises and blessings. Many surprises and blessings.

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