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Life and Death Are in My Hands!

Which will you choose this day – life or death? I give you the choice. Some of you each day choose things that bring a little death to part of you. Whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually. Have you let go of the dreams that I have placed within you, If I gave them to you, then they are possible? If they are yours, I am not obligated to make them come true. During these difficult days, you may feel as though life will never be the same. That may very well be true as perhaps they may be even better. I am with you and help you deal with every circumstance that you face. Do not put your faith in your own strength and abilities, put it in Mine.

The world is not as it appears to be. The media is trying to create a reality that is false but serves its purpose. The radical few feel that they have the upper hand and that all will cower in fear and not fight for their rights and safety. Beware left, I am about to wake the sleeping giant, My Church. My Church not what the world deems church. This is a spiritual battle that must be fought spiritually. I am removing many in power from corporations and government who would serve any enemy of My people. Some are already gone, and it has been kept secret. The world is in for some big surprises. The lines for the battle have been drawn even if they are not visible. I have revealed to the president strategies not only for America but also for the whole world.

There will be things that happen which will appear as chaos but will have purpose. In order to rebuild and stronger, there has to be explosions and implosions. These will prepare the way for bigger and better situations. It would appear that the enemy is winning but it is to cover for what is really transpiring. Much is being taken down that fake news will not speak of. The deep state is fighting for its very existence and will stop at nothing. Rise up church and begin to intercede and watch Me take it down with some explosions and some implosions. There will be My fireworks that celebrate the formation of this republic established for My children to have the freedom to worship Me. Together we will overcome all the plans of the enemy.

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