• Rev. Trudy Daley

Life and Death

I gave you life, and I numbered your days. Life is precious to Me and those who would say that anyone under any circumstances is free to take it is abhorrent to Me. I breathed life into man and created him/them in My image and made them immortal. I also gave man free will to decide all aspects of their lives, but My desire is for man to choose to live and not die nor take his life or another’s, especially one who is incapable of protecting themself. Now, society is beginning to say that it is all right to choose to end one’s life when it gets too painful due to sickness. What is next? Life and death are in My hands. I and I alone determine this. Stop playing God!

Chaos to gain control is what is being played out today in the world, but it is about to backfire. What some mean for evil, I will turn for good. As the world goes into panic mode, I am making people aware of each countries’ points of vulnerability so that they can survive - but when the dust settles, they actually become stronger. A time will come when there will be a worldwide pandemic, but it is not now. This was an opportunity to rearrange circumstances that were not advantageous but could be used to advance planned strategies. Will the world fall right into this trap of the enemy to create fear and to diminish personal freedoms in many ways? I pray not.

As we transition from one season, Winter, into another, Spring, so each of you may be going through a transition. It can be a blessing if you are able to let go of the past and look to the future. For some, as they approach the end of their lives and to the next, many things will await them. Those who have chosen to accept My Son, Jesus Christ, as their savior, it will be a wonderful new life - one in which they will enjoy all the blessings and goodness that I intended for them from the day that I gave them life. For others, it will be the opposite of all that I desired for them --- everlasting torment. For those of you alive, there is still time to make the right choice, Jesus Christ, as your Lord and Savior. Choose to make right choices on how to live this precious life that I have given you. Life is short. Value each moment of it until it comes to an end by My loving hand.


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