• Rev. Trudy Daley

Let My People Go!

Let My People Go!

The enemy has kept you in fear through Covid, lockdowns, and now inflation and price increases. I say to him, “Let My People Go!” Your plans are not going to succeed. I am about to deliver My Children out of all the bondages that you have kept them in, and all that you used to accomplish this will go down also just like the Egyptians did during the great exodus from Egypt. The financial picture looks bleak as a financial recession draws closer and the stock market and housing markets decline. All is not lost even though it may appear that way – but wait and watch as I begin to intervene in world affairs.

Hidden spiritual forces are arising that are going to dramatically impact the course of many nations. My children will no longer accept being hidden and persecuted but will come together and demand change and will be effective. Watch out China, Pakistan, and Iran, for this is about to take place. China, you have planned for one hundred years to take over the world, but I say that is not My plan for you. The government of the United States has been working against its people and planet earth with weaponized chemicals through chemtrails containing graphe, aluminum, and other chemicals and weather altering technology to create destruction and chaos.


Trauma in all of its various forms has been a tool of the enemy against My children. PTSD, depression, anxiety, mental disorders and sickness result from experiencing trauma. The fear that trauma causes opens the door to demonic oppression which then in turn creates all of these conditions. Yes, believers can and do experience demonic oppression (not possession) and are often completely unaware that it has even taken place. Know that you can be set free from it and be healed and restored. The same is true for generational curses that the enemy uses against you. Ask Me to set you free from all that is being used against you, and I will. I am a God who saves, heals and delivers.

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