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Length of Time!

Length of Time!

I give you days to live out your lives and fulfill your destinies, and only I know how long that will be. Value your time and spend it wisely as you do not know the day, nor hour that I will call you home to Me. I have been calling many of My saints who serve Me home suddenly to receive the rewards that they have earned. I know that leaves many behind who grieve their loss, but My Holy Spirit, the spirit of comfort, will be with them. It would seem that you don’t understand and believe that there was more for them to accomplish, so why were they taken? In the coming days, there will be many coming home to Me; young and old and yes, even children will come. Do not grieve for them as they will be at peace and enjoying My presence and love.

Time, Time And More Time!

All that is happening in the world is on My time schedule, not the enemies! His time is just about up for his current plans. Actually, much that he is trying to accomplish through these plans are in their death throes. They just don’t know it and are trying many things to prevent it, but to no avail. How do you use the time that I have given you? I pray wisely. To maximize your time, ask Me to order your steps each and every day, and you will be able to see how I guide and direct you and make a way for you even before you realize that you need it. I watch over you the same way that you would watch over your own newborn child; listening, watching and anticipating its every need and responding to it in the best possible way. Know that I love you and will protect and provide for you.

The world seems to be quickly unraveling, and those that serve the enemy are helping to accomplish this. Destruction is what they want as well as ultimate control. Yes, they will not only see destruction, but it will directly impact them in ways that they never have thought possible. All the ways that they have come against My children will backfire and be done to them and destroy them and their plans. Included in this will be the nations that are coming together to conspire against America. This includes China, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and parts of Nato! As these nations decline in many aspects, many Christians will rise up and begin to take over positions of power and shift these very nations. Revival is alive and well!

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