• Rev. Trudy Daley

Justice Will Prevail!

Justice Will Prevail!

As you look around, you see many injustices because corruption has filtered down from the very top all the way down the line. Money and intimidation have caused many to fall in line with an evil agenda. Thereby, My children have been harmed and are crying out to Me for justice. It will come and in ways that will be unexpected, but it shall surely come. A double standard of justice has become obvious to many but those affected by it do not know how to fight back as they lack money and influence. Their cries have not gone unheard and their answers are on the way. Watch and see!


Many of My sons and daughters are being deceived by the media and others around them. Even My children do not see how they are being used by the enemy to divide families, friends and churches over political and health issues. Hidden bitterness and anger over past hurts and perceived betrayals are rising up to destroy unity and create pain and rejection. Examine your behavior toward others and see if the enemy is using you against anyone. I call My children to forgive everyone who has harmed you in any way so that you can be forgiven. If you hold any negative feelings toward someone chances are that you have not truly forgiven them.


Pay close attention much is shifting in the world even though it is not reported on the mainstream media. This is true both physically and spiritually as I have set in motion My angelic army to accomplish My perfect plan for you and especially for America and Israel. Men believe that they have power and influence over world events, but they only have what I allow. Kingdoms and domains are about to fall, and I am raising up righteous leaders who will follow My ways and will be directed by My Holy Spirit. I am making a way through the second heaven, the domain of the enemy, to the third heaven without interference so prayers are not hindered for a period of time. Pray so that I can answer quickly.

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