• Rev. Trudy Daley

Is the church coming under judgement?

Is the church coming under judgement? Yes. My Word is not being preached in power. It is being watered down and replaced with psychology and lectures which have no power to convict people of sin and bring them to a place of repentance. My presence is not in the midst of meetings because My Holy Spirit is not allowed to direct what is said and done. I am not worshipped even though people are raising their hands and singing. The music is not anointed because the musicians are more interested in performing than praising Me. People are present but their hearts are far from Me. I desire true worship, humility and a heart that desires to be in relationship with Me.

The enemy has won and panic has set in. Yes, the government has stepped in an effort to protect people from the coronavirus but what will be all the unconsidered consequences? How many people will lose their jobs and be unable to pay their bills? How many people will be put at risk of losing their homes? This event will have reorganized much of the world. The enemy means it for evil but pray that I may turn it for good. Pray that people will begin to reexamine what is important in their lives and what really matters the most. Things are replaceable but people and relationships are what makes our lives meaningful. Take time during this interim to strengthen your relationships with others and with Me.I want you during this time to reexamine your belief systems and evaluate where you stand on significant issues. Has tolerance for unbiblical beliefs crept into your life in the name of tolerance. Alternate life styles --- same sex marriage, living together, extra martial affairs and sex outside marriage are not and never have been acceptable life styles for people who claim to love and serve Me. The killing of babies inside the mother’s womb or even after birth are not acceptable choices for those who follow Me. A time is coming soon when these things will bring judgement upon this nation and those who choose to do them. There is time for repentance and a turning away from these things. Repent now and turn back to Me before it is too late. Amen.

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