• Rev. Trudy Daley


Who is lying to you? Is it the government, the media, the pharmaceutical companies, the politicians and unfortunately, some scientists and doctors? Lies beget lies and the truth is covered up and the population at large doesn’t know what to believe. For centuries, there have been plots to deceive and control society by the elites who believe that they know better and should decide for the rest of you. The irony is that they are the most deceived for they have believed that I would allow this to go on forever. Truth is about to destroy them as all their lies will be shown to be that - lies.

I have given man the ability to know right from wrong. I gave My commandments and My word to help man discern the right choices and actions to be taken. There are consequences to each of these choices - some good - some bad - some reversible and some for a lifetime. Seek Me before you make decisions that will dramatically affect you. Ask yourself if you know the truth about a situation or are you following your feelings. Your heart can deceive you, but I never will. The enemy is the father of lies and knows what you want to hear and how to get you to do what he wants and can use it to destroy you. Don’t trust him. TRUST ME!

Look at the results of what you are being told. Are they positive or negative? Do you lie? No good will come of it and probably much destruction. Lies create a lack of trust and harm relationships which then can be difficult to restore. Lies set in motion a wave of circumstances that you then often have no control over.

Collapses, collapses, and more collapses are coming as truth brings to light all that is false but appears real. A transition in the financial system is underway. The elites believed that it was going to go their way, but I say,”No it is not!” As everything begins to shake and brings down institutions, governments, politicians and even dictators, I will protect you and make a way of escape! America shall stand if it repents and turns to Me.

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