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Who and what influences you? Who do you influence and how? Political influence has been sold throughout governments and organizations. Lobbying firms fight to influence legislation that favors their companies and groups that they represent. Men such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg have used their wealth to influence health, education, politics and even the population of the world to the detriment of our rights and personal survival. Who is behind the scenes influencing them? China has been using its influence throughout the world to fulfill their plans for world dominance. They believe that they will succeed, but their plans which seem to be working will ultimately fail. For too long, the enemy, the force of evil that we call the devil or Lucifer, will not win either. He is working hard to destroy society and especially the family which is the foundation of society. His influence has definitely impacted the moral fiber of our society which has been rapidly deteriorating since the removal of prayer in schools, the passing of same-sex marriage and abortions even through the birth of the child. Our new “woke” culture pushed by the government and corporations and the “equity” agenda are trying to finish the job. One of the biggest threats also is pedophilia and sex trafficking taking place throughout the world.

How much do I and My Word influence you and your choices? There are many forces vying for your attention and support but which ones are right for YOU? As I have said previously, the media lies, governments lie, corporations lie and so do people. You need to use discernment and wisdom when dealing with all the forces around you. You need to test what is being espoused. In some cases, it may be a matter of life or death or even eternal life. Allow My Holy Spirit to direct you in all matters. No matter is too insignificant to seek Me for direction, and I will guide you and protect you. You are valued and loved by Me. I desire to be the greatest influence in your life. Amen.

Note: Only in heaven will we truly know the influence that we have had on other people’s lives and how we changed their destinies.

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