• Rev. Trudy Daley

I Order Your Steps!

I ordered the steps of My Son, Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. If you allow, I will also order your steps every day, hour and minute. Did it mean that Jesus did not have a free will? NO! I am your heavenly Father, and I am a good and loving father. Perhaps, your earthly father was not a good father because of how he grew up, but I am a good father that loves you unconditionally. When I see you, I see you clothed in My Son’s righteousness not covered in the garment of sin and darkness. I formed you in your mother’s womb and breathed the breath of life into you. You are created in My image, and you have within you eternal life. When you choose to invite Me into your life, I come and dwell within you and your body becomes My temple. As your heavenly father, I want to protect you, provide for you, and direct your steps along paths that will bless you and help you reach your destiny. Ask Me for wisdom and knowledge so that the enemy cannot deceive you into choosing destructive things. Just as he tempted Adam and Eve saying that they would be like Me, so he has convinced many that if they worship and follow him that they will become a god of their own domain, and they believe it. They too will come to realize that such will never happen and that they have been deceived.

The shaking has begun and so too has the revival. The kingdoms of this world are about to topple one after another. The revival will quickly spread as My children have felt oppressed and powerless and do not know what to do. Ask Me to order your steps in every situation, and I will. Through this action, you can have rest and peace in your daily struggles. I treat My children as individuals and speak to each one on a personal basis so what I say to one does not necessarily apply to everyone except for when it comes to My ten commandments. I know your hearts and all that you have experienced that influences you and causes you to behave in the ways that you do. I understand you. None of what has happened to you can separate you from My love or from Me, My Son or the Holy Spirit.

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