• Rev. Trudy Daley

I Am Releasing My Fire Once Again!

I am releasing My fire once again. Just as I did on the first Pentecost, so today throughout the world My fire will be released. Those who truly seek Me will experience the sound of a loud rushing wind. Many say that it is like the sound of a freight train coming. It may sound differently in different places, but it will be the Holy Spirit coming upon My people to be empowered to go forth and accomplish the works that they are called to do.

To each of My children, I have given a measure of faith and to some, the gift of faith to believe for supernatural things. As you draw closer to Me, and know Me and My ways, you can grow in faith, power and anointing. What do you desire to do in My name? Ask Me for those giftings to do it. In reality, you were already given them before you were born, but they have not manifested in you. Ask Me to stir up all the gifts within you. Many of you do naturally what is your gifting, but do not see it as a gift from Me - such as giving, serving, being merciful, encouraging, teaching or leading. These are at work blessing people and helping them in many areas. Everyone has at least one spiritual gift and oftentimes, many.

They are to be used for the building up of My church body. Yes, they can also be used in the world and often are part of the way that you make a living. My church is not a building but a living entity endowed with My power to change the world and bring many to Me. Seek to use your giftings but also your talents and abilities to be a blessing. Your spiritual gifts are irrevocable but their effectiveness is determined by your relationship with Me. No relationship – no anointing – no power – no results. A deep and trusting relationship with Me – a great anointing – great power and often miraculous results.

My heart is grieved because so few of My children desire to know their giftings and function in them. Some have been misled to believe that these gifts were only for the early church and are not relevant now. Others are not taught to try to discover them and use them and so My church has not functioned in the power that it was meant to have. That time is over. My church will be receiving a new and powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will impact and change the world. The question is do you want to be a part of it. I pray that your answer is “yes” and come to Me seeking that outpouring. Twelve disciples changed the world. What part of your world are you willing to change?

Be at peace for I am with you and will keep you in all your ways. My heavenly hosts are encamped about you and watching over you. Be ready for the manifestation of the supernatural in your life.

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