• Rev. Trudy Daley

I am light but the world is in darkness, great darkness and doesn’t even know it

Updated: Feb 16

I am light but the world is in darkness, great darkness and doesn’t even know it. I am about to reveal the depth of the darkness, and it will be hard for people to believe. They actually won’t want to believe it. Satan has held many in this world captive through their desire for power and a desire to be in control. They have been used by him to create great death and destruction which has existed underground throughout the world. Yes, it is like a living hell underground so it could continue in darkness. My battle has continued with Satan for thousands of years, and if I do not intervene, he will destroy many of My children and hold the world in bondage. I cannot let this happen. Give Me permission to open your minds and hearts to what is happening and know that I will protect your hearts because the evil that is about to be revealed is more horrendous than you can even begin to imagine. What is being shown to you through the media is distorted and not truth.

I have raised up men and women of integrity to take on the forces of evil that want to destroy humanity and especially My people who cry out to Me. I am ready to answer their cries. Get ready for great destruction and despair, and it will seem as though all is lost, but it will not be so. When I am finished, it will be as if the world will be reborn. Truth and light and peace will prevail, but after a while, the enemy will arise once again not realizing that he is defeated and all that is spoken of in scripture will take place. Rejoice as I am in control even though it doesn't always seem so to you. Go to Me in prayer and seek justice from Me so that I can send forth My armies of angels to fight all the spiritual battles going on.

Look to Me as I am releasing revival in various parts of the world, in many parts that you will find it hard to believe. Life is coming back into the lives of My people and death to those who have chosen to follow evil. Ask Me to open your eyes and ears to truth.

One of the favorite weapons of the enemy is to use those you love against you to cause division and cause you to be discouraged and withdraw. Do not fall into that trap. Choose to love and forgive all those in your life and especially your family. A great shift is coming in health, finance, energy and the environment. All these have been used to control and destroy instead of building up and improve lives. I created the earth and universe, and I am about to restore them to be a blessing and not used against My children. Rejoice, be at peace even in the face of much devastation. Signs, wonders, miracles and an outpouring of My glory is coming soon, very soon.

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