• Rev. Trudy Daley

I Am Grieved

I am grieved by all that has been and is being done to My children in many ways: abortion, sexual abuse, trafficking, lack of classroom schooling, house bound and masks for children as young as 2. The enemy’s desire to destroy is so extensive that none truly comprehend it. New Age teachings, atheism, and even Yoga are used to undermine My creations, and many are blind to the harmful effects of these believing them to be harmless. The enemy’s deception is very subtle but yet effective and harmful. Spend more time in My Word and with Me so that I can show you more truth so that you cannot be deceived and misled. I am truth, and My Word reveals the truth. Believe Me and My words not the world and especially not the media.

Death is coming to many because the enemy has convinced the powerful to follow his plans and set in motion events and actions to destroy lives, society, and he hopes even the future especially of the nation of America. He is not operating through a single nation, but through many who have been convinced that they are the ones chosen to bring into existence the New World Order. I have begun My agenda against these plans, and they are being destroyed day by day along with those who have been chosen to be used by the enemy. Do not give up or be discouraged. I have set in motion their destruction and the establishment of My New World Order! Those who you have feared China and Iran know that they will themselves be dealt deadly blows that will create great havoc.

Seek Me and ask Me to reveal to you your destiny so that you can move forward and prepare for the steps into the correct paths to fulfill it. I use all that the enemy uses against you to bring you closer to the paths that you are meant to take. It may not always look that way, but wait and see how I am at work.

I am about to deal with church leaders, world leaders, governmental leaders and political leaders. None shall escape My justice or review. Do not lose heart as I remove those whom I deem unworthy to lead. Some will just be removed. Some will be tried and punished. Some will die. I am a just God and all will receive justice based on My laws and My ways. Pray for those in these positions as My time for them has come.

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