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I am going to redeem the time that has been stolen due to the covid-19 pandemic

I am going to redeem the time that has been stolen due to the covid-19 pandemic. I am also going to redeem and restore all the damage done by Biden’s executive orders. He does not fear Me, but he should and so should the many who have worked to put him in office. I am going to redeem and restore all the financial damage that has been done especially to the poor and small businesses. For too long, the average person has been affected negatively by the powerful and uncaring elitists. NO LONGER. Destruction is about to come to these systems that have been in place to keep people down and controlled. I am going to set My people free from all of them. Yes, all of them.

Watch the churches, for some which have grown in size but have decreased in teaching a close relationship to Me, are about to be dealt with. I am sending My glory more and more into small groups that are truly seeking Me and to serve Me. Small sparks of revival are showing up in various places under leaders who know Me and have chosen My ways and My commandments. I am the God who desires to be worshipped above all else and wants to bless My children who choose to be with Me and serve Me. Many of you are in a state of idolatry. You serve; money, power, people and even yourselves. I will not tolerate that and will be forced to reveal that to you and call you to change so that I can bless and restore you and various parts of your lives. I love righteousness and hate evil and will destroy it in all of its forms, and the people that it works through.

Death and more deaths are coming because women have chosen to abort the children that I have given to them. The blood of millions of My children that have been aborted, tortured and killed cries out to Me. I am about to answer. I understand the tough decisions that many women have to make about having or not having children. I call women to trust Me regarding this issue that I will make a way for their children. Many who want children and cannot have them would gladly offer homes, love and a good life to these children. Abortion is not the answer. Look to Me for the answer. My heart grieves because of the number of children being sold or used by their parents to make money. Woe to you. Stop – seek another way, and I will help you find it. I love and forgive all who repent and turn from their evil ways.

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