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How much do you trust Me and My goodness toward you?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

How much do you trust Me and My goodness toward you? I am at work in every part of your life trying to work things out in ways that will bless you. I am aware of your every need and struggle. I know the things that cause you stress and anxiety and this is so because you are trying to do it without My help and input. Ask Me for wisdom, and I will give it to you for every situation large and small. This virus, Covid-19, has taken a great toll on people, businesses, churches and relationships. You have been lied to so that you could be manipulated with fear. The enemy wants control and his forces have infiltrated politics and people to create the riots, burn businesses and drive a wedge between people groups.

Watch as the shaking that has begun continues both in the earth realm and in politics. There have been many small earthquakes but many more and larger ones are on the way. Weather weapons used by man will try to create food shortages so stock up on can goods and other foods with long shelf lives. Have enough not only for yourselves but for others as well.

Much bloodshed is about to come in various parts of the world as the enemy stirs up factions to go to war. China is in for a huge surprise even though it now considers itself superior to all nations, and the CCP sees its goal of world dominion in view. WRONG I have other plans for millions of people who have endured the oppression of this regime throughout various parts of the world.

I am about to take down Hollywood, the media and the pharmaceutical empires. How you they are in absolute control. Wrong, I am the sovereign God of the universe. For too long, these entities have been used against My people. NO MORE! Watch as Venezuela is about to rise and this will be true of Cuba also. I am taking down dictators and soon it will be in Turkey, Iran and Communist China. My kingdom is coming with power and might and will not be defeated. Watch and see. I am also going to come against those who have supported abortion politically and financially. The murder of My children, My creation, is about to be halted, and those encouraging it will be judged and dealt with and this includes the Supreme Court.

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