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How Long?

You cry out to me, “how long Lord?” How long are we going to be kept from our lives? How long is our government going to permit and cause things that take away our freedoms and right of choice? How long before these things that you promised in your word and have spoken into My life happen? How much longer am I to be mistreated by my wife/husband/family? When is enough, enough?

My children spent 400 years in captivity because they chose to rebel against Me and My laws. Many generations cried out to Me as they suffered and lived through many hardships, and still I waited to deliver them until the right time was up. Again, even as I was delivering them in the wilderness, fed them, protected them and did not allow sickness to touch them nor their clothes to even wear out, they still cried out to Me and murmured against My servant, Moses. They were stiff-necked and still rebellious even as I was delivering them. So I say to you, “how long?” How long before you use the authority that I have given you to battle against the enemy in all the forms that he uses? How long before you stand up and declare to those doing evil in plain sight - STOP? You are sons and daughters of the Most High God. I am your father and deliverer. Just as I made a way for the Israelites so I am making a way for you. The battles are severe, but the victory is yours in due time. Wait and pray and see My deliverance.

Are you watching all the ways that the enemy is causing confusion and distractions as the Deep State battles to stay in power? Power that is actually no longer has but wants you to believe that it does. It is mounting large forces and weather distractions to cause destruction and the appearance of strength and power. So did Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and many other dictators who succeeded in much destruction and loss of life, but ultimately, were defeated and so shall it be with the Deep State. Yes, I allowed all of this as I have allowed the present situation to awaken My people to turn back to Me and the life I have for them and the way of life that will bless them. Life without Me is death now and eternally. Life with Me dwelling in you is blessed and ultimately eternal. Choose life, this day!

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