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Here I Come!

Ready or not here I come. Many have questioned where was I as the world suffered with Covid-19. Why did I allow so many to die? I DID NOT! There were known cures that worked, but they were withheld. There were cures and procedures that were used that did more damage than good, and they were chosen as the acceptable protocols. Politicians used distorted science to their advantage. Think that this has been true only now? No, it has been true for many years and even some of those in healthcare discourage natural cures for illness and its prevention. Wake up to what is really happening!

You are in a new year and a definite shift is taking place even if it has not been reported. I was not behind the devastating tornadoes in Kentucky and other states. Man has developed machines to manipulate the weather and create the results that will best serve them not only in the United States but throughout the world. The enemy has escalated his plans but to no avail - here I come! Exposure after exposure will take place at many levels but especially in governments, media and finance. My kingdom is coming and My power will be displayed in ways that there will be no mistaking whose power it is. My prophets have been given the ability to hear the plans of the enemy as they have been spoken in private.

Pharmaceutical companies have been used to bring death and destruction and now that is what they shall reap! Yes, I have given man doctors and medicine but many doctors have sold out for money and followed the directions from others. I am the God that heals, resurrects, transforms and changes that which comes against you. If that doesn’t happen, ask Me why, and I will reveal the answer to you. Sin and unforgiveness are the biggest blocks to healing.

Watch the skies and water as much is about to happen in them which I will be doing. I am thwarting the plans of the enemy at every turn as he tries everything in his power to stop Me but cannot. My revival fires are burning in many places and are about to explode into massive events. Rise up and rejoice!

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