• Rev. Trudy Daley

Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Faith

My grace is sufficient for all that is going on in your life. My mercy is new each day for every circumstance that you face and need it for. I show you mercy, and I call you to show mercy to others. I have forgiven you for all the sins that you have repented of because of the sacrifice on the cross of My Son, Jesus Christ. If you have not repented of your sins, then you need to do so, if possible, on a daily basis. If you have not forgiven someone or something (church, government, or other entities) then you need to do so in order for Me to forgive you. If you do not forgive, you are not forgiven. Forgiveness is a choice that sets you free.

I have given to each of you a measure of faith and how you use it is determined by you. You can use it to believe what My Word says is true and use it to help you in every circumstance that you face. You can also use it to believe for your salvation and eternity in heaven with Me. To some I have given a gift of faith which allows you to believe for the impossible - miracles and those things that defy physical laws and the transformation of circumstances that seem impossible. How much faith do you have, and how are you using it during these difficult times? Jesus responds to faith with healings. When you come together with others in faith, much can be accomplished, even the impossible.

The times that you are in are difficult and very trying as it is hard to know what the real truth about a situation is. Lies are rampant and spoken over and over in hopes that they will be believed. Satan is the master of lies and deception and uses them as powerful weapons against you. Seek Me and My Word for the truth. Much is about to happen that is disturbing and will reveal shocking truths that you may not want to believe. These will not come from the media that is working for the Deep State and other media outlets that are suppressing truth. These sources will soon be silenced. Much is not what it appears to be. I am about to bring down all those who have conspired to destroy this nation and its influence in the world. Watch, see and rejoice. My angels and I are on the move, and My Hand will deal justice and judgement to those who need it.

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