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February 7, 2023 - Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

Good News - Bad News!

The bad news is that the enemy is doing everything in his power to disrupt and destroy this nation and your lives. He seems to be winning from all outward appearances but behind the scenes, he is losing ground as more people put together the pieces of his plans and the lies that he keeps telling through the media and the government. More and more truth that comes out is revealing the deep level of corruption in our governmental organizations - FBI, CIA, CDC, and DOJ. A double standard of justice is becoming more and more apparent. The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated our government, our corporations, our educational systems, and even our elections. The infiltration has gone on for years. China has bought up our farmlands and stolen a great deal of our technology. It has reached dangerous levels to our security. That is the bad news.

The good news is that in its efforts to become the world’s superpower, it will not succeed as I am answering the prayers of millions of people throughout the world to protect them from all of China’s efforts to overtake their countries and resources. A major power shift is about to take place but not in the way that many expect.

The economy of America is about to take a major downturn as the fiat dollar is losing value and the stock market and real estate market will rapidly decline. The good news is that I will restore America’s economy, and it will eventually be even better than it was!

The bad news is that you are struggling physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially as inflation dramatically affects your life at many levels. The good news is that I am with you and well aware of your struggles and will bring good out of them if you ask Me to and allow Me to. Nothing is too hard for Me and nothing is too big or small for you to ask Me to do. Just trust My timing and My way of answering you. Some of you hardly know Me and what I can and will do for you. Draw closer to Me, and I will draw closer to you. Do not be afraid of Me.

Nothing that you do can separate you from My love and forgiveness. Call out to Me, and I will answer! I have forgiven all the sins that you have repented of - now forgive yourself!

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