• Rev. Trudy Daley


Slowly but surely the enemy is seeking to remove freedom from your lives. Through covid-19, he sought to rob you of your financial health, physical health, peace and freedom of movement. He even kept you from Me and your fellowship with others so that you could not come together to worship and hear My Word and be encouraged and strengthened. His weapons of fear and lies were used by the media and social media to negatively impact you at every level. He succeeded for a while but day by day the lies are being exposed and even those in government and the military are being uncovered who were used to carry out the plan of destruction of America. But I say now shall their destruction come with speed and unbelievable force.

Lies, spies and more lies- There is a high level of maneuvers between forces on each side trying to out maneuver the other not realizing or planning for My intervention. Because they serve the enemy, Satan, they do not know Me and My Ways and therefore, underestimate what I am doing and will do. They have technologies that they have been using against you through weather, biotechnology and false events trying to influence you to believe lies. Yes, China has infiltrated many avenues in America over the last forty years. They have a hundred year plan and even manipulated world events to cause America to help them develop their abilities to rise to their current position. American companies’ desire for cheap labor and greater profits has been a successful tool against America. Outsourcing if allowed to continue will support their one hundred year plan.

The enemy is using the media to try to create a racial divide and turn minorities and whites against each other. All of these people are My children whom I love and call to love one another. Do not let the enemy and media succeed. I am releasing My angels and an outpouring of revival and healing to the nations. Begin to watch for signs and miracles. Do not give up. Do not listen to the lies. Do not believe that I am not going to intervene. The blood of the innocent is screaming in heaven. Shed innocent blood fuels the enemy and gives him power. Why does he push so hard for abortion, wars and other forms of death so that he can have more power. This has been so since the beginning of time. It is time for it to come to an end. Watch, see, pray and observe how I am going to defeat him and all those who serve him and call him lord and master.

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