• Rev. Trudy Daley


This is what I say to you My children. You are looking at a certain situation and are confused and upset because you expected a different outcome in the current election. My timing is different from your timing and ways. My ways are higher and more complete than yours. Because you exist in a short period of time, you are anxious to see things done quickly. I exist outside of time. The past, present, and future exist simultaneously for Me which gives Me a very different perspective than you - a perfect one. Fear is the opposite of faith. I call you to stand in faith and trust that My plans are perfect and will take place at the exact right time. I know the future, but the enemy does not so he keeps making decisions that will lead to his ultimate failure. Watch and see all that is about to happen. There will be events which may cause you to think that he is winning. The threats of food shortages seem real and are being manufactured as the Deep State stores years of food - enough to feed the world. Yes, the Deep State has planned ahead to survive wars, famine, and natural disasters, but they have not counted on My intervention in their plans. The end of America and the world is not here. Many are claiming that we are in the end times, but I say, “Not so fast!’ Yes, the end of an era or cycle is happening as power and influence shift amongst nations. It would appear that China is rising but in reality, the Communist Party in China is about to fall. My children, there are many who have been crying out to Me, and I am about to answer. The same is true in Iran and even Pakistan. The wave of revival is about to hit in many areas throughout the world. There are already pockets of it growing and appearing worldwide. I say to each of My children, “Fear Not!” I am with you through the difficult times that you are having. The spiritual oppression that you are feeling is strong and hitting you on every side, but I am with you, and My angels are watching over you. To some, I grant the privilege of seeing them but know that even though you cannot see them - sense their presence and know that they are there. They are My messengers and protectors for you. Angels cannot and will not override your free will and poor choices so ask Me to help you make wise choices.

Weekly Challenge! Fear not but stand in faith trusting Me always.

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