• Rev. Trudy Daley

Fear Not!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The enemy has been using fear as a weapon against you so that you will be intimidated. It is his main tactic in the war that you are in for the control of this world. I want My children to be saved, but the enemy wants them lost for eternity. This virus has caused much to be shaken and even though it appears to be gaining ground, a turn around is coming and what remains will grow and prosper. Often the enemy tries to make you feel inadequate so that you shrink from doing what I ask you to do. I am with you and will help you do whatever I ask of you. Fear not!

Right now, it appears on the world stage that evil has the upper hand but all is about to backfire. Watch and see what is about to happen. Come out of the confusion and lethargy that you have been under. It is as if a spell has been placed on you. I call you to come forth and stand up against the intimidation that is being used against you by the enemy and the people that he is working through. I am not done with America. Revival shall come forth from this nation and impact the whole world. Pray for revival so that much of the world that does not know Me will come to know Me and choose to be saved. Billions of people in the world still don’t know Me.

People say that things will never go back to normal and that you will have to accept a new normal. I say that you should help to create new norms that reflect what My Word says and reject all that the world pushes for that is pure evil and leads straight to hell. When all is said and done, many who have made bad choices will be reaping the consequences of those choices. The corruption that has existed for years and perhaps centuries will be coming to an end. The power and influence behind the corruption will be gone and many will be caught up in all that takes place, but fear not I am with you just as I was with Moses, David and Daniel when they faced great forces that seemed unbeatable. Ask Me to help you overcome your fears.

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