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Fast and Furious! Where is God?

Fast and Furious!

There will be a calm before the storm and even silence and then all will begin to be revealed. Down has gone the financial control that has operated through England, the Vatican and yes, Washington D.C. with the fiat currency. The economies of Europe are beginning to collapse as are those in other countries and even the United States and China. The housing market and stock market are expected to crash and a financial reset will begin but which one? The globalist reset or another reset? The Deep State sees all its efforts coming to naught and is becoming more desperate. Biden has weaponized parts of his government against the people.

Where is God?

I am on My throne directing the rescue of My favored nations, Israel and America. As hard as the evil spirit entities have tried for thousands of years to bring down the kingdoms of the earth and have often succeeded but I am about to intervene. Just as I rescued the Israelites just before the approach of the Egyptians so am I about to do the same for all the world to see. A new Red Sea moment that will be bigger and better as it will be for the whole world and not just one set of people. Remember what happened to Pharaoh and his soldiers so shall the same happen to those who are participating in the destruction of My people throughout the world. It is time for the world to wake up and see the whole truth about what is happening! Your survival depends on who and what you are listening to. For those who say that destruction is coming, they are correct but for whom that destruction is coming, they are wrong. Yes, a great cleansing is coming first to My church and then to world governments and yes, to you as well. The “woke” culture is a pathway to destruction and spiritually to hell! I call My children to lives of love, obedience, sacrifice and forgiveness. The abuse and destruction of children’s lives will be dealt with and severely. All those crying for the right to be able to kill their unborn children will be dealt with in ways that will be surprising as they take to streets crying and repenting and fearing My judgment and so they shall but I am loving and forgiving so if they do repent then I will have mercy on them!

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