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  • Rev. Trudy Daley

Fake News! Breakdown!

“Fake News”!

Is the news that you are hearing on the major networks true? No, it is not. Several corporations own all the major news outlets and dictate what will be spoken. If these are your only source of information, then you are being misled. Not only these stations, but many forms of media are being used to form the narrative that the Deep State wants you to hear. Other sources that try to present other views are removed claiming that they are spreading misinformation. Knowing the truth is critical to what decisions you will make. Both Republicans and Democrats spin events to their advantage, and each accuses the other of what they are guilty of.


The Deep State is doing everything within its power to cause a breakdown in society so it can control you, your money and every aspect of your life. The food supply is being destroyed by droughts, destruction of manufacturing food plants, reduction of the availability of fertilizers, war in the Ukraine, and in California trucking regulations, and directing water into the ocean needed for crops. All this is in addition to the purchase of large amounts of farmland that is then left unfarmed. Large cattle herds are being sold off because of heat and no grass to feed on. It will take years to build back these herds.

Inflation is driving people to have to make difficult choices between food and medicine. The cost of gas for cars and fuel to heat and cool homes is growing even more than the inflation rate. The government’s policies towards fossil fuels are bringing great financial hardship all in the name of climate control when the change in the earth’s temperature in the next one hundred years will be a fraction of one degree. The whole climate agenda is “fake news” and a way to direct money to political patrons and their companies as well as China.

Lawlessness is also a tool that the Deep State is using when it deems it helpful to create chaos on demand through riots, liberal judges and prosecutors, open borders and ignoring existing laws at every level. ALL THIS WILL SOON AND SUDDENLY BE OVER AS I TAKE DOWN ALL THAT ENCOMPASSES THE DEEP STATE.

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