• Rev. Trudy Daley

Elections, The Economy, War!


Today is primary day in many parts of the country. Elections are significant. People in general trust elections, but should they? Over the last decades, many elections have been manipulated not only in America but throughout the world through systems and machines that have been developed to shift the votes after balloting to the desired candidates. Who is behind this - the Deep State, the spiritual enemy, corrupt governments. Does this mean that you shouldn’t vote? No, I am at work. My hand is about to move to bring this practice down not only in America but throughout the world. Wait and see!

The Economy!

Inflation, supply chain issues, stock manipulation, crypto currencies, digital currencies, and the global financial system are all about to create a worldwide financial crisis. There are actually two financial systems trying to create a financial reset - the Globalists and a force behind the scenes for financial stability and the destruction of all those systems that have used money and debt against the average person. If the Globalists win, all your financial affairs will be controlled and monitored to cause you to fall in line to their dictates. “You will own nothing and be happy.”


You are at war at many levels - spiritually, physically, financially and relationally. The enemy, Lucifer/Satan, is trying to come against all areas of your life to cause chaos, confusion, depression, sickness, destruction, doubt, fear and hopelessness. Are you going to stand up and fight or give up? You cannot win in your own strength. You can only win with My help so cry out to Me, and I will help you. The enemy is a defeated foe, but you must still fight the battles knowing that in the end, you will be victorious. Do not run from the battles and hide in the busyness of life or you will be defeated. I call you to stand and fight until you see your victory.

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