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Down But Not Out!

Are you discouraged as you watch the news and hear of more and more disturbing events? It seems as though the government is doing everything within its power to destroy this nation, and it is! Most people in power have sold out to the New World Order agenda. They have bought into the lie that they would rule the world and the rest of the population would serve them or be eliminated to provide a better environment for those that remained. This concept has been true throughout history and is coming to an end. There is nothing new under the sun, just variations of old themes that haven’t worked. The enemy was defeated when Jesus Christ rose from the dead, but he still keeps fighting on and those in power believe their own propaganda spread by him.

There are about to be major changes in the health field as more natural cures are going to be discovered and released. Those doctors and medical facilities that participated in the forced vaccination programs to the detriment of many will come under judgment. Pharmaceutical companies that helped to withhold effective treatments for Covid -19 will be prosecuted when there is a change in governmental power. Watch and see. Remember what I said that all that has been put into law by this current administration can and will be reversed. Trump was and is and will be used by Me to rid the world of the Deep State. He was chosen by Me, and I have protected him from all the attempts on his life. He, however, is not your savior, but My instrument for this time and season.

Do not lose hope! I am in complete control of all that takes place even though you do not understand why I allow some of the things that I do. Do not fight Me about the plans that I have for your life but surrender to them and trust that they will ultimately bless you. Forgive Me for those events that you felt harmed you. My path for your life goes from pastures, to valleys, to mountain tops. Each is necessary for you to complete the plan for your life. Remember that I bring good out of everything that you go through if you let Me!

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