• Rev. Trudy Daley

Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?

After My Son, Jesus Christ’s, resurrection, even his disciples did not believe that He had risen. What do you believe that My prophets have been declaring about the current world situation. Do you believe that the wicked are under judgment and will pay for their sins against humanity? As of now, it hasn’t appeared so - but wait! Do you believe that the plans of the enemy are working? It would appear so. Do you believe that I have everything under control even though it doesn’t appear that way? I have, and I am about to reveal the plans that I have for the fall of the Deep State and all who are a part of it. This shall be a worldwide event!

What do you believe about Me and how I see you? Do you feel as though you are invisible to Me and that I do not care about what is happening in your life? For many the answer may be, “yes” but, that is not true. I am aware of every hair on your head and every thought that you think and every emotion that you experience. I do hear your heart’s cries, and your prayers are ever before My throne. I know you but do you know Me? I try to speak to you through many ways, but you are too busy to listen and doubt that it is Me speaking. You claim that you love Me and want to serve Me, but you are unkind, unforgiving and unloving toward others so it is hard for Me to believe that you truly love Me. I realize that your soul wounds interfere with your ability to be the person that you are called to be.

Believe This!

I love you unconditionally. I knew you before you were even born and what your book of life contains in it about your destiny and all that you would go through. I am a loving Father who will direct every aspect of your life if you will allow Me to. Everything that you go through has a purpose which I will show you if you ask Me to. I do not give up on you even when you give up on Me. Some of you are being stubborn about how I should heal you and refuse to allow Me to do it My way. Do not put Me in a box about your life issues but trust Me even when you do not understand what I am doing. The battle is mine, it is already won. Just surrender to Me and allow Me to work in every situation that you face!

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