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Are you experiencing division in your life, family, church or community? This is what the enemy seeks to accomplish so that he can cause chaos, confusion, hurt and pain. He has caused it to keep you from fulfilling the plans that I have to use you to help bring My kingdom to come and for My revival to be effective. Division is seen in many aspects of culture - Democrats vs Republicans, Black vs White, Christian vs Non-Christian, Pro-abortion vs Anti-abortion, vaxxed vs non-vaxxed, gay marriage vs traditional marriage, pro-war vs anti-war and the list could go on and on.

The family is the basic unit or structure of society so if the enemy can cause division in the family, he can destroy it and all of society. About fifty percent of first marriages end in divorce, about sixty percent of second marriages end in divorce, and about seventy percent of third marriages end in divorce, Twenty-four percent of women now raise their children in a single family home. Because of these failures, many people are choosing to just not get married. I cannot bless this choice which leads to more troubles and division. The enemy is attacking any source of support that you may count on besides your family, friends, religious organizations and even governmental organizations. Why are you so vulnerable to these attacks from the enemy in all the forms that he sends? You do not seek Me and do not trust Me to help you find ways to resolve your differences. All battles are used by the enemy to divide. Many people would rather be right than to work toward a position of compromise. Perhaps, the truth may be that you both are wrong. Seek Me about issues that try to divide you from others, also give Me permission to take out of your life anyone or anything that is destructive to it.

A great shift is about to take place as I am shutting down all of the enemies’ plans and activities to take control over your lives and futures. I call you to a place of unity based on My will which only seeks to bless you and give you a life of peace, prosperity and fullness. Where is there division at work in your life today? Ask Me to help you resolve whatever issue is causing this. In all differences, allow Me to be the one who determines what should happen and trust Me, and I will bless you. Amen.

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