• Rev. Trudy Daley

Divine Intervention!

The angels are coming to carry out My decrees that are going forth. The truth will be revealed and consequences will flow from that. I have called My prophets and intercessors to declare that thrones and dominions are coming down. Yes, darkness has come over parts of the world and in some areas, gross darkness will come. Simultaneously, My glory and the Holy Spirit will bring revival to various places. There will be a release of power, healing and miracles that will flow freely amongst My people. I call My servants to use the weapons of proclamation, prayer and intercession to fight the enemy. These are your spiritual weapons because we are fighting a spiritual war.

There are going to be shifts that are and will continue to take place. The spirit of intimidation is rampant in the United States and appears to be in charge – but not for long. There is a force that I am creating amongst My people that is rising like a volcano that is about to erupt and will consume all that is in its path. Those who have sold their souls to have power will soon be experiencing My power which is all consuming and totally destroys and will leave only ashes behind.

Watch the skies, rivers, oceans and atmosphere and see what is happening that will be unusual and in some cases unnatural. I command all the forces of nature and even though man has harnessed some aspects of it, they too will come under My control.

I am calling My people to a time of repentance so that they are clean before Me, and they can be protected from that which is coming. You and your property may go through destruction, but you will be unharmed. I will place you under the shadow of My wings. The blood of Jesus covers you, the Holy Spirit guides and directs you, and My angels will intervene on your behalf. Be specific in your repentance for those things that go against My will and ways. Repent often. Repent daily so that you can experience the peace that will come as a result of your repentance. Seek Me about the generational issues in your family that need to be addressed so that you can be free to fulfill your destiny and that which the enemy has stolen from you can be restored sevenfold. Walk in the light. Walk in love. Walk in peace, joy and in health. I love you.

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