• Rev. Trudy Daley

Destruction Cometh!

Destruction cometh in many forms: inflation, medical tyranny, famine, wars, corruption, unequal justice, physical and spiritual oppression and lies. You do not have just a battle against natural forces but spiritual ones that have come against the world. The world in general does not understand the concept of principalities and powers that are at work to bring destruction because they often come under the disguise of culture such as the woke culture, Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, LBTQ, and climate change which all have their own agendas to bring change that corrupts and weakens society.

You are in one of the greatest battles since the fall of Jerusalem and Israel centuries ago. Prior to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, demonic beings functioned through societies’ gods - Baal, Isachar and Moloch. These same gods are at work in our society under the disguise of culture calling for the sacrifice of children {abortion}, sexual freedom in every form {LGBQ} and even pedophilia. Politics is not going to change these forces because the battle is a spiritual one and has to be fought spiritually. Unity amongst Christians can be one of great strengths and effectiveness against these demonic forces. If you choose to do nothing, things will only continue to get worse.

What forces of destruction are at work in your life? The enemy is coming against marriages and families through a spirit of division and financial struggles. Children are being targeted in ways greater than they have ever experienced before - gender identity, sexual predators, children being trafficked at times even by their parents, and cannibalism as hard as that is to believe. A critical mass has been reached, and you need to cry out to Me for help. I am going to defeat all of the plans of the enemy, but you and your prayers are part of that happening! Yes, some destruction is coming but most of it will be directed towards all those being used by the principalities and powers at work in the world.

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