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May 30, 2023, Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley


America has a destiny. You have a destiny. I have intervened in America’s history to allow it to move forward to its destiny. I did this through the wars that should have been lost but were not and with political leaders and presidents that formed the policies to allow America to spread the Gospel to many nations and provide for recovery from natural disasters. America is on the brink of much upheaval if the enemy has his way. Many of you are questioning if I will intervene once again to save this nation, and the answer is YES! This is not a political battle but a spiritual one in which the enemy is seeking to destroy My children, young and old with various weapons. Power, influence, and greed are the enemy’s weapons, and he has used them effectively against you. It is not his time to rule and control even though it appears that way. America had a destiny from its inception and still has one. Just as with the Apostle Paul and his destiny, a shipwreck did not keep him from his destiny in Rome, but I used it to allow the Gospel to be spread in Malta. That which the enemy meant for evil, I turned to good and will do the same for America. Wait, watch and see as My hand begins to move, and I set My plans in motion.

You have a destiny, and the works of the enemy have tried to interfere with it. Do not believe that he has succeeded in destroying it. I determine the final outcome in your life. As you reflect on your life, you may believe that it is impossible, based on your past, to reach the destiny that I have for you. I am the God of the impossible. What seems impossible to you is easy for Me. Not disease, sickness, divorce, poverty, prison or lack of education can keep you from the destiny that has been written for your life. You, however, must persevere to complete it with My help. Do not give up. Draw close to Me and draw strength and perspective from Me, and you will reach your destiny in Me!

Weekly Challenge! Ask Me what your destiny is and to help you accomplish it.

Word of Encouragement!

I knew you before you were born. I knew you when you were in your mother’s womb. I know everything that has happened to you, and I declare that if you will choose to, you can reach your destiny with My help.

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