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Delivered From Evil!

As you pray the prayer that My Son, Jesus Christ, taught you, part of it says, “Deliver us from evil’. That is exactly what I am doing. First, I am exposing evil to the world and then I will be removing those who are participating in it. Yes, all who have chosen to participate in any way. The corruption behind the vaccines is massive and soon to be exposed as leaders, governments, and corporations conspired to gain and keep control over people, businesses, churches and politicans. This was done to financially and politically benefit them. All of this was to the detriment of My people and children. NO MORE!

As inflation threatens to harm the economy, My children are made to struggle more and more to meet day to day expenses. However, the economy that the world globalists hope to create is NOT going to happen. I have another financial reset in mind during which there will be a great transfer of wealth from the wicked to My children. I know the exact amounts that have been stolen by Wall Street and the bankers of the world, and these will be returned multiplied as the enemy was behind these thefts. Ask Me to advise you about your financial resources so that I can guide and direct you to protect you from those who would take advantage of you. Be generous to others and give to Me and others out of a cheerful heart so that I can richly bless you.

There are yet hard times coming for those behind the covid pandemic as they have not given up and will try again to spread fear, death, disease and destruction. Trust Me during these times. The media is still in the fear business as it tries to convince people to fear Russia and China and what they will do. Do not buy into it! I am about to deal financially with ALL the enemies of America and Israel. Human trafficking has been a source of billions of dollars. Where do you think that all of our children that are missing have gone? Do you also think that all the illegal immigrants are here for only extra votes? Ask Me to show you the truth about all of this and the extent of human suffering that happens in the name of pleasure and youthfulness. It is horrific and will come to an end SOON!

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