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May 2, 2023 - Prophetic Word as received by REb. Trudy Daley

Deliver Us from Evil!

My Son, Jesus Christ, taught His disciples to pray and part of that prayer was, “Deliver us from evil”. What is evil? A force originating from the fallen angel Lucifer, who fell from heaven due to his pride and desire to be like God. His dominions are all those who fell with him. These are principality, powers and evil spirits that are part of his ranks. Their objectives are to bring death, destruction, sickness, and various forms of oppression. They can be taken down by the power and authority of Jesus and His shed blood. Lucifer will ultimately be defeated but will do all in his power to wreak havoc until that time. Lying and deceiving are his main weapons. Many in the world have been deceived by him as he gets people to believe that they will be given power, wealth, and influence only to be destined to hell for eternity. Many have sold their souls for what he promises them. Spiritual oppression which can come against believers is the result of an open door which comes through traumatic experiences or sin. My Son Jesus Christ, died to set those who are oppressed free. Lucifer works through people to attack others, and he tries to destroy them. Often people do not realize this and blame the person being used to create that division and destruction of their relationship. Lucifer can be defeated and will be defeated!

What does evil in your lives and the world look like? There are many things but some of the obvious ones are abortion, corruption, divorce, drugs, wars, death, starvation, riots, child and adult trafficking, mental illness, abuse of all kinds, sickness, tyrannical forms of government and loss of freedoms. Only I can deliver you from these things if you turn to me and cry out to me for help. Some of you do not even realize that you can overcome these things with my help. Join together in prayer and seek me to protect you and deliver you and allow my Kingdom to come into each of you and set you free and empower you to set others free!

Weekly Challenge -- Pray daily -- deliver us from evil!

Word of Encouragement:

Lucifer is a defeated foe whose works of evil and destruction can be overcome by the power of Jesus Christ and His shed blood. Cry out to Me to be delivered and set free from any oppression!

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