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Deep Deception!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

The government lies, the media lies and the enemy is the author of lies! I am a God of truth because the truth sets you free. Once you lie, you need to remember the lie so that you do not get caught lying. This in and of itself is a form of bondage and stress. Not only that, truth usually comes out anyway. America is about to be shocked by all the information that is going to be revealed - secret agreements between companies, governments and other nations. The CIA and FBI have been used to punish political enemies and even officials in other nations. Due process in this country is being trampled upon.

What concerns Me more is the behavior of My children, and the deception that they might be in from the enemy and even from themselves. I hate lying and do not want My children participating in it. It is not harmless. It destroys the trust that needs to exist for relationships and unity to thrive. Choose not to do it, and repent for the times that you have. Do you trust people that you know lie to you? You can always trust Me and what My Word says.

The Deep State is very experienced at deception. It would have you believe one thing when the opposite is true. The government officials say that they want to protect you from gun violence by taking away guns when in reality it would make it easier to control you and prevent you from fighting back against their attacks against you and your rights.

Even your own hearts can be deceitful so you need to examine your heart and discern its motives. Because so many of My children have soul wounds that prevent them from discerning truth, they need to seek Me to be set free from these and come to the knowledge of truth.

Watch the skies, watch the weather and watch for the miraculous things that you are about to witness. I am going to do things that even the enemy cannot do. I am the God of the supernatural, and the creator of the universe and all its components. There is nothing that is impossible for Me to accomplish in you, your life and in this world. Look for miracles. Amen.

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