• Rev. Trudy Daley


America is facing a time where its people need to make not one but several significant decisions. Shortly, each person will need to decide if they are going to vote and for whom. The two options are very different choices and each person will have to weigh that choice from their perspective. For those who call Me Lord, they need to evaluate the options against what My Word says as to what is right or wrong. Previous choices by this nation to vote for abortion and same-sex marriage have moved this nation further away from Me and My will and have caused what they have sown to come back and be reaped in various ways especially in New York State and New York City.

The second decision that needs to be made is the choice of whether or not to repent for your sins and the sins of this nation. It will only be then that I can heal your land. After 9-11, it seemed as though that would happen, but it was short lived. Even the corona virus has not driven you to repent as a nation. What must I do to bring you to a point of repentance? More is about to happen, and I will see what that produces.

On a personal level, you need to make a decision as to how to live your life and what kind of lives that you are going to live. Are you going to live by My standards or the world’s? I am a forgiving God, and do forgive you each time that you repent and ask Me to. One of the problems is that I forgive you but then you in turn do not forgive others. As parents and leaders, you are role models for others. What kind of example are you setting? For some of you that I want to use but can’t because you are not willing to sacrifice for Me --- smoking, alcohol, gambling, chauvinism, prejudice and pride. It grieves Me that you are willing to have these things instead of partaking in signs, healings, miracles and the salvation of others. Yes, I need you to be holy, honest, loving, merciful and righteous so that people will ask what makes you that way. Each day you need to decide whom you are going to be and whom you are going to serve. I want willing servants who will be faithful and obedient and trust Me with all that they have and even their very lives.

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