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  • Rev. Trudy Daley

Death and Resurrection!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Death is all about overshadowing your lives. Hope and dreams are being crushed. Darkness seems to have engulfed the atmosphere so it is hard to think about the future and new life. You are immortal - only your bodies die, your soul and spirit live for eternity. However, you decide where that will be - heaven with Me or hell - outer darkness. Even though the enemy has tried to convince people that he doesn’t exist nor does hell, he does exist and so does hell. Some of you have determined that you will wait until you are older and then you will make that decision about your eternal destiny. You are gambling with your eternal life because you are presuming that you will have the opportunity to choose to do that. Death can often come without warning or time to prepare. Do not gamble with your eternal life. Choose eternal life through My Son, Jesus Christ now and enjoy the blessings that come into your life and enrich it day by day.

The pressure being put on lives has increased tremendously as many are being called to choose between their jobs and taking the vaccine. This is indeed a difficult choice. What is truly behind all this? Ask yourselves some difficult questions. Why is the government doing this? Do they have the authority to do so? What are the consequences no matter what you choose? Is this just the beginning of suppression of your freedom to make choices for yourself? Is there a right or wrong choice? Only you can answer these questions for yourself and accept the consequences of your choices.

The shaking in the world has begun physically, politically and financially. Keep your eyes on China and its financial system. They have kept their financial position concealed to keep a public appearance of strength and prosperity, but is it a true picture?

What really happened in Afghanistan? Are what they have told you and the reality the same? Look for a major distraction coming that will be greater than the bombing of the World Trade Center to cover up the results of audits and the level of election fraud. Those results may spark a reevaluation of elections throughout the world. Much is about to come crashing down - but My resurrection power will be demonstrated in many areas of your lives and this country.

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