• Rev. Trudy Daley

Death and Rebirth!

March 22, 2022 Prophetic Word from Rev. Trudy Daley

Death and Rebirth!

You are living in a time that is going to see much death but also rebirth. During this Lenten season, you are living in the remembrance of My Son, Jesus Christ’s, death and resurrection. He took on your sins so that you would not die eternally. In some ways, you go through a death and rebirth cycle each day as you sin, repent and are forgiven and also as you die to your flesh and self and are more alive to Me and the Holy Spirit within you. Choose life in Me and let yourself die in all the ways that you need to - pride, lust, selfishness, unforgiveness, rebellion, disobedience and hate.

Death and rebirth are also going on in the world. The globalists want to bring death to individual nations, their borders and their financial systems, and birth to a one world new order. This will mean the death of freedoms and rights as you know them, especially in America. This is all part of the enemy’s plan to destroy mankind once and for all. Just as he thought he won when My Son, Jesus Christ, was crucified - so now, is he to find that his efforts to bring death and destruction, are not only not going to succeed, but will be the means by which the church will rise up and bring revival and a rebirth for itself and many throughout the world.

Death, but not rebirth is about to come to many throughout the world - dictators, legislators, generals, presidents, administrators, ambassadors, governors, military leaders, doctors, hospital administrators, heads of drug companies, media owners and media personnel and all who knew the truth about available treatments to fight Covid-19 and worked to prevent their use. Rebirth will only be available to those who repent for their actions! As the celebration of Resurrection Sunday draws near, the world is about to experience much death in many forms - not just of life but of plots and plans throughout governments and organizations as well as the financial system. Once again I say to be prepared before Resurrection Sunday as Good Friday will see the death of life and many other things.

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