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Darkness Before the Light!

October 25, 2022 Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

You have been experiencing darkness in various forms for the last six decades and even before - loss of prayer in the schools, abortion, gay marriage, the definition of marriage changed, MK Ultra ( mind control), wars: Vietnam, Gulf, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, governmental corruption, rigged elections, trafficking both human and sex, the overthrow of legitimate world leaders, border crisis, deadly vaccines, the shutdown of churches, businesses, and schools, Woke culture, destruction of food supplies, being on the brink of an atomic war, weaponization of governmental agencies, efforts to weaken the military, attacks against gender identity, riots, a rise in crime, and inflation. Such kinds of darkness have been used to try to usher in a new globalist government and a depopulation of the people of the world. It will not work and is about to be stopped - by Me! The world is mine, and I am claiming it back at many levels.

Because this is a spiritual battle and not a political one, I will win.

I have and will continue to release My angelic armies to be at work in many struggles. Many political leaders who have betrayed the nation of America will be removed - some permanently. Books are being written and published naming corrupt government people in Congress and even in the Supreme Court. Much of what has been hidden in the darkness is soon to be exposed to the light. At the time of Jesus’ death, many despaired thinking that all was lost and for three days it seemed so. But then - the resurrection happened -which brought light, hope, and eternal life into existence. Wait upon Me trusting that once again that My light and resurrection power will prevail over all darkness.

Weekly Challenge! Call upon Me in the darkness in the world and in your life and trust Me to bring light.

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