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January 10, 2023 Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley


Many would say that the world is in darkness and may feel that they personally are in darkness or at least in a dark period in their lives. If you say that I am the Lord of your life, then light is within you and is reflecting to the world. Are you letting your light shine to help others look to Me and climb out of the darkness that surrounds them.

Depression is a major issue in America with even young people being diagnosed with depression and medicated for it when the real treatment needed is hope. Pray for all who suffer from depression that they might find light and hope in Me. Throughout the world, there are many who have My light in them but are hiding for fear of persecution - China, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Africa, but their time to come forth is near, and then there will be great changes. Days have come and gone when many expected to see dramatic political changes - won elections - a red wave - the return of Trump and restoration of governmental control to the Republicans. All those would have been the world’s answer to all that is going on, but it is not My answer. Those would have been ordinary events, and My plans are extraordinary or supernatural so that all would know that I am in control and that they cannot and will not win even if it may appear that way at this present time. BUT there will be SUDDENLIES!

The Tables Are Turning!

We have crossed into a new year but also a new spiritual season. One in which My power, authority, and anointing will be felt, witnessed, and experienced. Are you open to being used and changed by Me for the sake of My kingdom? You may not understand how I am shifting you but trust Me and the process. You will be amazed by the effects on others and their ultimate results. Be careful not to let pride get a hold on you, lest you fall and become ineffective. Just like you can see dominoes fall so shall it be with many in power throughout the world in governments, politics, corporations, sports, medicine, media, and religion. Woe to those who have betrayed you and Me!

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