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Corruption Exposed!

November 22, 2022 - Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

Corruption Exposed!

Get ready for a huge shock as I begin to expose corruption at many levels and in many areas. Many who claim to be Republicans but are so in name only, also known as Rhinos, will be exposed. The corruption in elections worldwide will be exposed and reversed! All the corruption in the media that reports their version of the news told to them from higher levels within the corporations and the Democratic Party will be exposed. All the corruption in the government with their insider trading to gain wealth, their collusion with the pharmaceutical companies, their Chinese connections, and their use of media giants to influence and control information will be exposed. The symbiotic relationship between government and corporations as those who serve in government move to the private sector will be exposed. Yes, corruption in the military as they participate in diminishing America’s fighting power with damaging vaccines, woke culture, military weapons, and technology given to other countries and destroying morale. The government is also aiding in diminishing fighting power by depleting oil reserves and ammunitions and weapons being shipped to the Ukraine where they are at times being sold on the Black Market.

The corruption in the Federal government is blatant with Executive Orders that are unconstitutional but are implemented to the detriment of society - vaccines, gun control, cancellation of student loans, immigration, borders. At the state level, there is corruption with voting laws changed without legislative procedures. The corruption in the judiciary is rampant with two levels of justice - one for the Democrats and one for the Republicans. Governmental agencies have been weaponized - FBI, CIA, EPA, and NSA and used against the public.

The corruption at an individual level is rampant as the battle for money, power, and influence knows no bounds. Many have sold their souls in order to achieve fame, fortune, and influence. This is true at many levels in the entertainment industry. The depth of corruption and depravity is greatest in those who traffic humans for various needs with no concern for them and their lives.

All who participate in corruption at any level are about to be exposed and this will also be true even in the church and in families.

Weekly Challenge - Pray for America as My hand moves against all corruption.

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