• Rev. Trudy Daley

Control, Do Not Mourn, and Six Things I Want My People To Know!


The battle is on for complete control of the world. For decades, certain elite families have ruled the world by controlling money through their banks and corporations. Evil has empowered these forces and many have sold their souls to be part of the ruling elite. Even though it may not seem so, I am in control and about to use My power and dominion to prove it. Yes, there are wars being fought both physically and spiritually. Many are blind to the spiritual one, but it is the real war. Control is an illusion that many think that they have until it suddenly disappears!

Do Not Mourn!

I am taking many of My saints home. Often, this happens suddenly. Some have asked Me to come home, and I have answered their request. Others, I have asked if they wanted to come home, and they have said, “no”. Many who desire to come home, I have told them that their assignments are not complete yet. However, today I say to many who have been dragging their feet, resolve the issues that have kept you from fulfilling what I have called you to do, or I will take you home and give your assignment to someone else. Time is becoming critical and can no longer be wasted. Wake up and ask Me to help you in every area of your life.

August 27, 2022

Six Things I Want My People to Know!

- The time for much to happen is upon us - just days away.

- Do not allow fear to overtake you. What they are trying to perpetuate against you will not be real.

- Stand together and help one another through the difficult season that is coming.

- I will be revealing a process to help reverse all the negative effects of the covid vaccines.

- The Deep State is trying to create a world war, but I am not going to allow that to happen.

- The days of justice have arrived and watch as all the plans of the enemy are not only stopped but reversed.

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