• Rev. Trudy Daley


There is so much chaos in the world that keeps you focused on world events, that you are not aware of what I am doing. The media speaks and slants stories toward their and the globalist’s agenda. Turn your focus to My Kingdom and what I am doing. Revival will break forth in various cities such as New York and Detroit and places that seem unlikely. I am going to raise up the Spanish churches and pour out My glory on them. I am going to deal with the mega churches that have watered down the Gospel, and they will shrink and disappear. I am going to expose the people that have helped in the pedophilia and trafficking trade. Some will be a very big surprise to you. Pray that they might repent and can still be saved. I abhor those parents who have sold or trafficked their own children. Protect your children from the onslaught of those who would cause them great emotional and physical harm. Look at those things that they view, hear and read.

Many of the political action groups such as BLM and Antifa are out to destroy the family and faith. Your children are in danger in so many ways, especially spiritually, as those who call themselves Christians are considered enemies of the state. Churches are in danger from the present governmental regime that wants to remove their tax exempt status and label sermons against homosexuality as hate speech. My Word speaks to beware of great deception. That effort has already begun. People are looking for answers to their problems, but unfortunately, they are looking to the world and government when I am the one who can provide you the answers that you need.

What My Word teaches is being watered down and distorted so that it has little power left. My true Word is alive and powerful and does not return to Me void. Read My Word and ask My Holy Spirit to give you insight and revelation about what it is trying to teach you. Learn about spiritual warfare so you can fight battles that you face. You are in a spiritual war that is growing greater and more extensive. Many things are not what they appear to be. Satan can transform himself into an angel of light and his followers can do similar things. Not everyone who appears to be human is truly human. If the enemy has his way, you will become transhumans who have lost your souls and salvation. This is the enemies’ goal. Seek Me for wisdom and discernment.

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