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April 18, 2023, Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

Changing Course!

The time has come to reevaluate where your time, money, and energies are going. As objectively as you can, look at the activities that you are participating in and if they have accomplished the purposes that they were created for. When I direct you to, be willing to change course. Do not feel as though you have made a mistake but rather that the season for that work is over, and it is time to move on. Someday you will know the purpose for that work and its effectiveness because I will reveal it to you. I am changing many things in your lives. Trust Me as I do so.

Change is difficult because you grow comfortable with your circumstances and are unsure of the new situation that you are being called to. What a different world you would live in if there were no changes in anything. Right now, the world is facing a tremendous blessing or threat with the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Which of these it is - a blessing or curse - will depend on who programs it. Unfortunately, it is already being used to scam people as it can clone the voices of people and then call relatives claiming something is wrong, and they need to have money sent to help them. This is only the beginning. The positive potential of artificial intelligence is how it can help diagnose health issues.

Are you being called to change? Are there parts of your life that are not working, but you do not know how to change them? Lack of action is a decision but at the same time, the world around you is constantly changing. Therefore, you are being left behind instead of moving forward. I have much that I want for you, My child, I want shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken for you. Do not let fear keep you from all that I have for you. Revival is here! Miracles, signs, and wonders are here. Awakening and transformation are here. Are you going to choose to be a part of these things?

Weekly Challenge! Choose to change course toward revival and transformation.

April 23, 2023 - A Word of Encouragement!

You are My child, and I know everything about you and why change is hard for you. Allow Me to deliver you from your fears so that you can move forward in your life, your call, and your destiny. Great and mighty events await you - choose to participate in them.

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