• Rev. Trudy Daley

Catastrophic Events!

Catastrophic events are about to happen both politically and physically. Yes, there have been fires, floods and earthquakes but more are coming. Look for this to happen in China, Japan and Iran. The political ones will be in the United States, Africa and South America. The tectonic plates are shifting under the earth which will create many extreme effects. The destinies of several political leaders are also shifting dramatically and will cause an ending and disruption. I rule not only the earth but the universe and all its components. I am a God of precision and when man tries to disrupt that precision, he sets in motion effects beyond his knowing or imagining. Those who have sought to use biological weapons against My children are about to be in for a rude awakening as I am about to crush them and their plans. There is a spiritual force arising that I am setting in motion to deal judgement to those who seek to do evil in its many forms. I am the one who yields true power and authority. I have allowed the enemy to play his part and reveal his ways so that people would wake up and see the consequences of his ways and turn to Me and My ways. I am also about to pour out true understanding of things that are going on. Much revelation will be coming forth in the next few weeks. PAY ATTENTION!

There is safety in staying in a relationship with Me. My Holy Spirit can direct you as to what to do and not do and when to do it. My protection will be critical in the days and months ahead as the times are going to be perilous. Prepare with extra food and necessities including water and medicines that you need and use. Think about protection for yourself and others as electrical power may not always be available. What alternate sources of heat and means to cook do you have? Have foods that will last for long periods of time. However, remember that I am always with you and will protect you as you seek to survive. Help others who are in danger and cannot provide for themselves. When you do this, you do it unto Me. Survival is key as much that will bless you is coming.

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