• Rev. Trudy Daley


October 18, 2022 - Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley


# Atmospheres

Sun activity is affecting the weather. Earthquakes are going to be more frequent and more severe. Watch the water - floods, tidal waves, and droughts. HAARP is at work.

# Spiritually

The Vatican officials and the Pope will be exposed for their plans and deception of the people. Information that has been hidden for centuries will be revealed and shake the church. Three significant religious leaders will be exposed and scandals surrounding them made public. I am cleansing and dealing with all those who say that they serve Me but do not. They will be dealt with. These scenarios will shake the church. I want My people to look to Me and not leaders to direct their spiritual journeys. Many of My children will be coming home. Some I will take and some will be the result of the poisons in the environment, vaccines, weapons that attack specific DNA, the contamination of foods, waters, and yes, even medicines. Choose wisely what you put into your bodies.

# Politically

As the elections draw near, the Deep State knows that it will not win and faces great defeats. It will launch three false flag events to try to stop or suspend the elections. They may be postponed but will happen in spite of all their attempts to stop them. The corruption of the FBI, CIA, and DOJ will be revealed by many whistleblowers. These governmental organizations have been weaponized and used against the people. Unfortunately, justice is no longer blind, and the media has worked to keep people blind as to how much these governmental agencies have strayed from their constitutional guidelines and directives. The two tier justice system is about to be destroyed. Corruption at all levels throughout the world is about to come to a head as many military forces will step in to run these corrupt governments. Watch and see shakings at every level as My Red Sea moment comes to pass.

WEEKLY CHALLENGE! Pray for true justice at all levels throughout the world!

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