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Calm Before the Storm!

Calm Before the Storm!

Yes, there are rumblings with much discontent over gas prices and inflation but wait as there is much to come. There are going to be crashes, but they are going to be all the plans of the enemy that are going to backfire and then crash. There will be a recession. In reality, there already is one as fear is infiltrating many people’s lives and their plans for the future as their resources diminish rapidly. I am shifting and changing many things. Much that looks like it is on solid ground is actually sinking and shifting.

Beware of all those crying “ wolf “ when in reality they have been behind the scenes pulling the strings and creating the issue. This is true especially about gun control and the issue of Roe vs Wade. Even the war in Ukraine is serving a purpose for all those that used that country to launder money, an extensive sex trafficking business, and biolabs. Surprise – Russia has all the evidence of these things and will reveal that evidence shortly. Macron of France and Boris Johnson of the U.K. are both in political trouble. Watch to see what happens. It is just the beginning of the coming storm. China is systematically exercising its plans against the United States. Piece by piece it is undermining the stability of the United States. Unfortunately in all its planning, it does not recognize the part that I am about to play in disrupting their plans against the United States and Taiwan.

Are You Ready for A Storm?

Many times I have encouraged you to prepare for an event that will cause you to need to stock up on food, supplies, water and any medicines that you might need. Even the news media is now reporting about upcoming food shortages that are being orchestrated by the government. The increase in the price of food is only going to continue to rise so buy those foods that you use regularly and store them. I am your source, and I will help you with your needs when necessary. Reach out to Me and ask Me for help whenever you need it. You are My children whom I love and will protect.

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