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Believe that I am at work on your behalf even if you cannot see it happening. Believe that the enemy, the deep state, the media, the cabal and the new world order, are not going to win. My angelic forces are at work defeating and exposing the enemy at every turn. Evil believes that it has power, but it has little in comparison to Me. The shaking has just begun, and there will be more of it. You will even question where I am during these times, but “fear not,” I am with you and speaking to you and directing your paths in the ways of safety, security and provision.

The media is claiming food shortages and food rationing, but am I not your provider? I fed millions in the wilderness for years. Can I not provide for you and even multiply what you already have? Yes, much destruction is coming in various forms. The enemy and his schemes have much that he wants to accomplish but to no avail for I will intervene and much sooner than many think. No, you do not need to wait for 2024 to see a turn around. Just wait and watch to see what I am about to do in a matter of months. Many are focused on Ukraine as is desired by the media and deep state while they strategize how to restore the finances they need to keep their power and trafficking business going. Little do they know that they are going to lose it all.

You have heard it said that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. America is a nation that has sought Me and laid down a foundation that recognizes Me and My laws and My ways. The enemy has convinced a small minority that they are superior and should be the ones deciding everything for those less able. Pride is what caused Satan’s fall, and it is about to cause the fall of many in power. They have sold their souls to Satan believing that he is able to keep them in power and prosper them. They have believed a lie and will pay with their earthly lives and possibly also their eternal ones. Who and what are you going to believe? Your life here and in eternity depends on it. My Word speaks the truth that you can depend on and live by. Amen.

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