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Beauty for Ashes!

Beauty for Ashes!

As you look about all that is happening, it would be easy to grow discouraged and wonder why I have not intervened. But I have. It is just not being revealed by the media. America has a bright future, and all the destruction that has and is happening will be reversed and made right. The undermining of your society has gone on for centuries and will not be redeemed without a spiritual battle. The armies of heaven have and will continue to be deployed to fight the spiritual battles that are taking place. Rejoice My children for you have a crown of beauty for the ashes that have happened in the world and in your lives. I am a God that redeems, and trust Me to redeem much in your world and your life.

The Oil of Joy Instead of Mourning!

I know that many in the world are grieving for the losses that they have suffered. The enemy, through the Covid-19 pandemic, took many of your loved ones from you. Rejoice for they are with Me and are at peace and experiencing My love and joy! I have sent you My Holy Spirit to comfort you. Receive that comfort. Know too that all those children that have been aborted or died prematurely are with Me and that you shall see them again. They are playing in the fields of heaven and know that they are loved and wanted. Grieve not for them but pray for those who chose to abort them, and the people who keep pushing for abortion to be paid for and to happen even after the birth of the baby.

The Garment of Praise Instead of A Spirit of Despair!

Do not give up as you look upon all that is happening and declared in the world. The time of destruction is almost over. Let your hope arise. Declarations of food shortages, financial collapse, wars, riots and the death of innocent people were planned by the enemy as well as many weather disasters. But I am still in charge, and a major turn around is on its way. Do not despair, but in the midst of it all, praise Me and all that I am about to do. It is often darkest before light breaks through. My glory, My presence and My power are being released in many forms throughout the earth and in your lives. I have overcome the world and will defeat the works of the enemy in the world and in your lives. Praise Me in all things. Rejoice. Taste of My goodness, mercy and love!

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