• Rev. Trudy Daley

Attack and Distract!

Attack and distract are the tactics of the enemy that are at play especially against My servants. He hopes to be effective in keeping them from praying and obeying what I am calling them to do. The battle is heating up as I am about to begin turning the tables on his efforts, and he is accelerating them. Fear not, I am with you and well aware of all his attacks and strategies. Call out for help from Me, and I will answer. Please do not put Me in a box by believing how I should bring the answer to your prayers. I know every aspect of the situation that you are going through and exactly what is best for you. Trust Me. Trust Me no matter how things look, I will not fail you.

I am about to visit My servants in new ways and change their perspectives on issues. This is necessary because issues of life and death are about to arise, and I need them to be willing to see them differently. I am the same God that I have always been but circumstances have arisen for you to discover and develop new strategies to fight the enemy who you are going to need to battle on many fronts at the same time. Listen carefully to those things that I am trying to teach you. Spend time with Me in prayer and then listen for My answers. Know that I will bring good out of every situation that the enemy is using against you. It may take a while to discover what that good is but wait upon Me, and you shall discover it.

The truth process has begun, and many are trying everything in their power to stop it, but they will not be able to. Much is going on behind the scenes that the media will not tell you about but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened. The Deep State is being foiled at every turn and is feverishly battling back as their means of financing their efforts is being cut off. The wealth transfer of which My Word speaks, is about to happen.

Revival is coming and cannot be stopped. I am in the process of delivering and setting free those whom I am going to use in it. I am bringing especially My young people from death to life. The enemy is trying to destroy them so pray for them and help them in every way possible. Love them, forgive them and stand in the gap for them.

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