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Look to the heavens and know that spiritual warfare is going on as My angelic forces battle the forces of darkness that are trying to bring disruption and chaos to the world. My angelic forces are winning! You cannot see them but sun flares have been emitted and are traveling through the atmosphere. Volcanoes are and will be erupting in the atmosphere which will bring darkness over areas of the earth. The earth’s atmosphere is being impacted by all the devices that are emitting radiation by which you are impacted — especially 5G. Be aware as you use phones, computers and even lights that you could be affected.

Internal Atmospheres!

What atmosphere do you carry within you that affects the relationships in your life? Have you noticed that you often seem to be drawn to certain people? Chances are that the atmosphere within them is similar to yours. Perhaps, you have also experienced where people distance themselves from you, and you don’t know why. They are being affected by your atmosphere – especially when My Holy Spirit dwells within you. When you allow Me to be Lord of your life, I can create in you an atmosphere of peace, happiness, health and power. By this, others will be drawn to you and may ask what it is about you that makes you so peaceful.

Other Atmospheres!

Where you live and work also have atmospheres that affect you. Is your home clean and neat? Clutter creates an atmosphere that distracts from your sense of well being. Fighting, arguing, swearing and yelling all create a negative environment for you to live in. What kind of music and television shows do you listen to and watch? If they have violence, sex and inappropriate behavior in them then you will be negatively impacted by all of that. If there is any negativity in your home in any form, you need to cleanse it with prayer and asking the Holy Spirit to purge anything that is not of God from your home. This can include any of your attitudes and even objects that are unholy. By this, you can change the atmosphere and experience peace, harmony and a sense of well being! Amen!

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